On November 3, 1928, Brothers Leo V. English, S.J. Flanagan, Herbert S. Goodloe, E.W. Johnson, Ivan C. McCleod, and Herman Miller, received a charter establishing Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter in Toledo, Ohio.  General President B. Andrew Rose and General Treasurer Percival R. Piper were present at the chartering, which took place at the Indiana Avenue YMCA.  These five founders realized the need for a strong group of Black community leaders with a national identity.  What was the impact of their efforts?  Alpha Xi Lambda contributed to achieving equality of American citizenship, providing leadership in the community and service to mankind.

Surviving the Great Depression of the 1930s and racial injustices, Alpha Xi Lambda Brothers served in the armed forces for our country, both on the home front and distant battlefields.  They served with honor in three wars spanning the next three decades.  Notably among those Brothers who unselfishly served were Brothers CJ Collier, Rick Easler, Charles Peoples, John Poon, Roy Sheldon, Garfield Weathers, Oran Williams.

During the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter contributed funds on the local and national levels.  In the 1970s, Alpha Xi Lambda turned its efforts and resources to providing quality low-income housing for Toledo’s senior citizens.  Alpha Towers, a 165 unit high-rise complex, is a result of these efforts.  Alpha Towers is located at 525 E. Woodruff on the corner of Canton Street.