Local and National Dues

According to the By-Laws in the General Constitution: “On or before November 15th of each year, each member of the Fraternity shall pay through his chapter an annual Grand Tax for the ensuing year and each Chapter shall pay an annual Chapter Tax and Chapter Insurance Fee for the ensuing year.”
Grand Tax Information (National Dues)
To Pay the Grand Tax (if you are not a Life Member):
  1. Go to Alpha MX and log on.
  2. Click the “Membership” tab.
  3. Verify that your address is correct by clicking “My Personal/Address Information”.
  4. Under General Tasks, select “Renew Your Alpha Membership”.
  5. Under Membership Type, select “Alumni Brother”.
  6. Confirm membership information and remit payment.
Chapter Dues Information (Local Dues)
Local dues for General Members are currently $170. Payments are due by November 15th of each calendar year.  If you are paying after November 15th, select the “Late Fee” option in the dropdown below To Pay Local Chapter Dues: Pay by Check or PayPal
Local Chapter Dues
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter Attn: Bro. Gregory Walker, Chapter Treasurer P.O. Box 351061 Toledo, OH 43635 Make check payable to: AΦA Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter

There is a $10 .00 late fee added on to the Grand Tax (National Dues) after November 15th.



Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 351061
Toledo, OH 43635

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